Outstanding architectural design - homes that combine style &functionality


Holmes Architecture specialises in bespoke residential architecture for all sites and all budgets.

We have a comprehensive design process, considering everything from your initial brief and budget, through to site and environmental conditions. We offer architectural designs for new builds or renovations for both residential and commercial customers throughout New Zealand. Sustainability is at the forefront of our design process and as environmentally conscious architects, we promote passive house design principles through the fundamentals of insulation, air-tightness, ventilation and managing thermal gain. Our residential architect design team are able to transform your current home into a space that showcases your personality and help achieve your dream home with environmentally friendly architecture and contemporary design.

All projects are optimised through the latest building technology to achieve beautiful, efficient and functional architectural buildings.

Award winning Architectural Design

The Holmes Architecture team work on everything from small-bespoke houses to large high-end homes. Projects completed by the firm include commercial fit outs, hospitality, industrial buildings, schools, townhouse and infill developments, renovations and high-performance homes. Holmes Architecture are known for their high-end residential projects and have received multiple architecture awards for their innovative designs.

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Utilising the latest architectural visualisation to bring your vision to life.

Holmes Architecture uses cutting-edge modelling technology to help you visualise and document your project. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is advanced 3D modelling technology that enables clear visualisation, scheduling, programming and co-ordination with all other consultants and construction trades.


Modern, comfortable, low energy homes require a high level of knowledge in passive construction detailing and thermal envelope design including the fundamentals of: insulation, air tightness, solar gain and ventilation. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in creating responsive and sustainable environments, Holmes Architecture are committed to advocating high performance design and can tailor solutions to meet your own project needs.


With the ever-increasing demand for housing in our bigger cities such as Auckland and Wellington, architecturally designed buildings and diverse typologies need to be appropriate to the context and highly functional for the inhabitants.  Using our energy-efficient and sustainable design methodologies, our team can create high performing, eco-friendly multi-unit housing, apartments, townhouses and in-fill developments that will enhance the landscape in which it sits.


Quality architectural services for renovations.

Holmes Architecture is experienced with modernising character homes while sensitively enhancing original features, or working with complex briefs to add value to an existing building. Our team offers comprehensive renovation design solutions and as both a qualified builder and designer, can recognise potential construction problems well before they are discovered onsite.


Architectural design for office, retail and hospitality businesses

Architectural design for office, retail and hospitality businesses
Holmes Architecture works with a diverse range of businesses to deliver design solutions for hospitality, commercial, office and retail fit outs throughout NZ, that uses modern design to promote health, productivity and brand identity for their clients.